Much In Store

Plans for you 2 prosper.

So trust in Me 4 sure.

I have so much in store.

©Donald Wayne 2016



Seeing the riches of Grace

Seeing His glorious Face

We will worship Him with singing.

Spirit of praise always working

Church filled with daughters

and sons

Praising God

makes us all one.

Though the sun is baking,

the land is shaking,

A New Age of tranquility

will increase our ability.

The reigning Prince of Peace.

His Blood brought us all near.

Soon all troubles will disappear.

Bringing New Life to the weak.

Soon He will make it clear.

God Is The Prince of Peace.


Coming down to the last day

Jesus is the only way.

Keep His words everyday

Stay on the straight way.

God is our strength

His word He has sent

So don’t live in fear

Give Him all your tears.

He is coming,

no need to know when

Just let His word

keep you from sin.

The wise virgins

were ready for the deadline.

So stay in Him

to be ready for the dateline.

Believe in Jesus, He is the One.

The Holy FirstBorn Son.

Stay on the straight way.

Keep His Words everyday.

Jesus is the only way.

Coming down to the last day.


Ministry Money and the Tithe Lie

Biblicism Institute

C H U R C H   R E F O R M    S E R I E S

By Biblicism Institute

Abraham tithes to Melchizedek


Most church ministries depend heavily on the tithe to keep them afloat. So it is no wonder that the law of the tithe was dusted off from the Old Covenant shelf and arbitrarily repackaged by mortal men for the consumption of New Covenant Christians.

We’ll examine the first tithe, the law of the tithe and the standing of said law within the New Covenant. As we conclude, it should be clear that no Christian has been commanded to tithe and that all ministry money should go to the poor and needy.

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